Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

— A majestic falls is just sitting there around the corner waiting to be discovered… and we discovered it! I didn’t know that such falls is just there in Jasaan! For just 20 pesos you can now enter this wonderful creation of God. We went there on a weekend so it was expected that there will be a lot of people.

Unfortunately for us, there are no cottages left 🙁 but on the brighter side, we are still allowed to get in and will just put our things somewhere in a rock or what but who cares its free! 😀 we don’t have to pay 150 pesos for a cottage.

We traveled for almost an hour so there is no way will go back. We got in and took our chances. To make the story short, we settled under a cottage :p

G0036238-edit-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

See that red arrow in the picture. That’s where we settled 🙂


But before arriving in the place, you just have to hike for about 15 minute minutes to reach the falls. The trail is not that easy. We crossed a bamboo bridge.

bridge-1024x531 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

and hiked and hiked and hiked. So the struggle is like bringing all your stuff to the falls. So better if you plan to go there, don’t bring a lot of things and be sure to have guys to carry your foods 😛

hike-1024x526 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

So yeah after all the struggle we are here 🙂

G0016231-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!


After settling down, we explored the places and we found out that not only a falls is there but there is also a pool that was created to accommodate people especially kids for the falls is too deep. Good for people who can swim and sad for people like me who can barely swim 😛 hahaha

G0066271-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

As I have mentioned before, if you don’t know how to swim then you must rent a life jacket there for 50 pesos but tip, its better if you bring your own floater or life jacket for the supply of life jacket that is for rent is just limited so you have to wait for a person to finish swimming before you can rent one 🙁 so I waited and waited and then tadaaaa!! I am now ready to conquer those falls.

G0356704-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

So, as we went there, we saw people climbing up the falls to do some diving so the inner adventurous me came out and we wanna do some diving too! The climb is very difficult for it is very slippery and if you miss one foot, you’ll fall to the rock bottom.

img_5b3049fb879d8 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

After all those death-defying climbs, we reached the top !!! It was a very big accomplishment for me 🙂 Another challenge upon reaching the top were the flashes of water pouring down in the falls for it makes it very slippery. We still climbed our way to the other end for the diving spot is there.

G0106313-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

And so we reached the diving spot. We chickened out at first and stayed there for almost half an hour for we thought it was just a small dive when your down below but when you are already up there, it seems like a hundred feet already 🙁 We don’t have a choice for it is becoming very cold already and there’s no way down but to jump. As you see your cousins jump down one by one, of course, you don’t want to be left up there alone so I gathered all my strength and jumped!!!! and I did it hurray!!!

G0146362-1024x768 Adtuon ta ang Sagpulon Falls!

The smile of success after the jump!

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Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan

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