If you want to escape from all the city pollution and doesn’t have ample time and finances?

— Worry no more, Aquamarine Park,  Tubajon Park is just around the corner!!

How to get there?

It’s just a 2-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City and the entrance is just 25 pesos for Adults and just 10 pesos for kids (negotiable). To ensure a cottage upon arrival, you may contact this number 09069176677 and reserve their biggest cottage. It cost only 500 PHP. This place is good for family trips for it is budget-friendly. I, by the way, went with my fam last dec 28 ?

26169668_1668447633176452_6663867362571810557_n Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade

26165537_1668441243177091_2965170359167983701_n Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade

— For just 25 pesos, you can now freely swim with the Aquamarine Park Mangroves. Just be very careful if you want to try to climb on the mangroves for it has a lot of tiny sharp-edges( based on experience ?).

I suggest that you will go there early morning for the water is still in high-tide (up to the waist) so that adults like me will still enjoy taking a dip, for if you go later, the water will just be up to your knees and only the little kids will enjoy ?

26167315_1668447609843121_5774198177496165522_n Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade

26168505_1668443433176872_6048213388518791206_n Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade


If you have a lot of chikitings (little kids), it is a safe and better place for you won’t worry if they will be drowned or what for as mentioned, the water will just only be a knee-high even if we tried to go further.

26169211_1668467106507838_6601903296308833889_n Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade


What’s more convenient is that upon going down the cottage, you can already enjoy and take a dip automatically!!. Just don’t forget to use sunblock coz believe me if you want to be tanned, this is the right place ?

Before you can go to the location, you can enjoy this view below and walk on these bamboo-bridges for about 5-10 minutes. Just a piece of advice, if you feel like peeing, pee already upon entering for it has no CR yet inside ?

26219551_1668447853176430_2231719574331439274_n-400x300-1 Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan Escapade


Here’s the map if you want to go there! Be careful and enjoy!

Google Map

How to contact them?

  • 9069176677

The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without cityescape.ph's notice. Should you know the updated information, please let us know via [email protected]


Aquamarine Park, Tubajon Laguindingan

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. So travel while you are still young and able!! A traveler by heart <3

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