Yes! You got that right! I was offered to stay at a Belimac, Sumbang Point because of my vlog.

Now here’s the story on how it happened.

I saw a post on Facebook about this secluded beach resort in Glan, Sarangani Province. According to that post, this beach resort was not that famous yet. There are only a few people are aware of its beauty. So because of my curiosity, I tried it out and indeed it was a Safe Haven!

It was so beautiful and relaxing. We were the only guest at that time. It’s like we owned the beach resort!¬†Everything was so relaxing. Everything was perfect. It is quite far from the noise of the city. It was perfectly hidden for people who want to be at peace even just for a short while.

To make the story short, I made a vlog about that resort (Belimac, Sumbang Point). I showcased it’s beauty, the different rooms available there, and some of the things that you can do there. I spent a lot of time editing it because I am hoping that I can somehow give justice to how beautiful that place is.

The purpose of my vlog was just to show everyone that I had a great time there. But to my surprise, the owner saw the video and she was pleased about it. She asked me if she can feature my video on their Facebook page. She even offered me to go back there again and to stay there FOR FREE.

34135728_1032208933611033_2628641829079220224_n I got an offer to stay at a beautiful resort for free!


I was like, “what did just happen?”. I was so happy that they liked it and at the same time, I was very happy that they shared my post and reached for about 10k views and 160 shares on Facebook.


35922716_1047199975445262_8957891449634947072_n I got an offer to stay at a beautiful resort for free!


After that I realized something:

As travelers, travel vloggers/bloggers we should also explore those areas or places that are not very famous yet. It’s not only allowing us to enjoy new places but at the same time giving the owner/workers of that particular place a chance to showcase what they can offer too.

And if my observation is right, the posts/blogs/pictures and videos of those areas that are not yet known to the public are the ones that get viral easily. It’s like we are hitting two birds at the same time. Allowing us to share it with the public and at the same time allowing them to show their beauty.

Keep on traveling and Ingat!

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