Tired of the busy street in the city? Wanted to have a new adventure? And this is what you’re looking for?

Ninety-six kilometers Southern part of Cebu City lies the beautiful secluded white beach of Lambug in Badian, Cebu Province.

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Traveling to Lambug Beach is just easy. You can take a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal or have your own car. With our team, we decided to rent a van which can accommodate up to 16 people.

Our point of origin is Ayala Mall, from there we traveled 2 to 3 hours to the Beach. We also use WAZE application to navigate. And if you are going to take a bus it might be more than 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic conditions. Just inform the driver to drop you off Lambug beach, from there you can ride a tricycle going to the beach.


Lambug beach is a public beach that’s why there are plenty of resorts and rooms to choose from.

On our end, we rented Manang Virgie’s two rooms which are PHP1500.00 each room good for 6 persons. Also, you can camp on the beach just bring your own tents or rent one.

Manang Virgie was very accommodating herself, you can borrow kitchen utensils for cooking and refrigerate foods and beverages. In addition, you can cook food or they can cook for you. You just need to provide the ingredients and pay for the labor.

09261745671, 09359251828, 09067378068

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Because we rent a van going to Lambug beach we decided to do some side trips. Hooray!

Going to Badian we first stop at Molave Milk Sation in the town of Barili. You can enjoy their fresh Milk, ice creams, gelatos, and also meals. Tried their Nangka gelato for PHP120.00 and it is delicious.

toes Lambug Beach: Spend Less, Enjoy More

Mouthwatering Gelato

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24301022_1507105599339361_1441219001983154160_n-1 Lambug Beach: Spend Less, Enjoy More

Molave Milk Station

Going back to the City we decided to drop by Kawasan falls,15 to 20 minutes from Lambug beach which is still in the town of Badian.

24327168_2000764606833658_7392747973324570624_n Lambug Beach: Spend Less, Enjoy More

Having Fun

22861124_895855103909773_1112231585739964416_n-1 Lambug Beach: Spend Less, Enjoy More

First Level of Kawasan Falls

pic Lambug Beach: Spend Less, Enjoy More

Second Level of Kawasan Falls

Lambug beach is a peaceful white beach where you can spend less and enjoy more. One of my recommended beaches away from the city. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and start your adventure.

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Under the heat of the sun

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Morning Serenity


RENTED VAN  (PHP 4,000.00 / 12 persons)
— PHP 333.35
GAS (PHP 1,500.00 / 12 persons)
— PHP 125.00
2 ROOMS  (PHP 3,000.00 / 12 persons)
— PHP 250.00
— PHP 500.00
Kawasan Falls Entrance:
— PHP 20.00
Cottage (Kawasan Falls) (PHP 300.00 / 12 persons)
— PHP 25.00

PHP 1,253.35 each



It is better to rent or bring your own car, it is very convenient and you can stop by any places any time.
You can spend less if you cook your own food. You can buy food for cooking in the nearest market.
Bring extra swimwear just in case.
It is best to travel early in the morning going to the southern part of Cebu to avoid traffic.



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The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without cityescape.ph's notice. Should you know the updated information, please let us know via [email protected]


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