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Olango Island is a place that is full of happy people, peace in mind and of course SilhouettesThis is a small island in Lapu-Lapu City here in the Philippines. This place can help you unwind your thoughts and make your mind in peace. A place that you can afford and have fun.

Why Olango Island?

“To travel is to live” you can’t live life without traveling somewhere that can make you happy. Experiencing joy in a small way like traveling in a place full of wonder, compassion and can make your peace of mind. So, grab some suitcase, camera, and travel right now! bring someone with you that can make you happy as well.

What can you do in Olango Island?

Well, Olango is quite a  beautiful place to visit. In Olango Island you can do many things; you can do renting a bike for the rest of the day, swimming in the marine sanctuary, visit Island Eco-tourism park and visit the bird sanctuary.

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But for us, we only visited the island eco-tourism park and marine sanctuary. You can also use a bike by renting them for only 10.00 per hour. But, I suggest you should try using a bike than riding a tricycle.

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How can you get there?

If you’re from Cebu City:

— Go to SM City Cebu and ride Vhire via Lapu-Lapu Gaisano Mactan (30.00)
— Jeepney via So-ong

And when you get to Mactan New Town

— Tricycle via to the port (7.00)
— Pump boat (15.00) *discount if you have Student’s ID (13.00)

And when you get to Olango Island port

— Tricycle going to your destination


1,500 pesos or less is worth your Olango island trip for one day.

If you want a van to pick you up from sm to the port just contact this number 09158532914. Price can be negotiable.

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The rates, contact details and other information indicated in this post are accurate from the time of writing but may change without's notice. Should you know the updated information, please let us know via [email protected]


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