When you ask Google about Olango Island, it says “The Olango Island Group is a group of islands found in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines and is a part of Cebu Province”.

However, I did not expect the nature experience this place could offer. All I can say “I will go back and experience more of the naive beauty of this island”.

Getting There:

From Parkmall Terminal, Mandaue City: Ride a jeepney going to Mactan New Town. (PHP 15.00)

img_5af3bf6e57f07 San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island

Mactan New Town Terminal: Ride a Tricycle to Angasil Port. (PHP 8.00)

img_5af3bfc58e617 San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island

From Angasil Port to Santa Rosa Port. (PHP 15.00 for boat fee + PHP 15.00 for the terminal fee)

img_5af3c3d1cf486 San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island

Upon arriving at Santa Rosa Port, there are lots of tricycles that will get you to your destination. In our case, we took a tricycle going to San Vicente Marine Sanctuary.

NOTE: I highly suggest choosing Hilton port in getting to  Santa Rosa Port. Based on my experience, it is cleaner and organized compared to Angasil Port.

Right after we successfully touch Santa Rosa Port. One my team immediately talked with locals and negotiated the estimated fare going to San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, then Off we go …

Santa-Rosa-Port-Lapu-Lapu-City-6015-Cebu-to-San-Vicente-Marine-Sanctuary-Google-Maps-Google-Chrome-2018-05-10-15.13.21-1 San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, Olango Island

As you can see, the beauty of Olango Island is simply amazing. Please be advised, not every location has access to electricity yet, and I spoke with locals, they still used burning lamps for the daily source of light at night. A handy power bank should be enough to get you going for your gadgets.

On the other hand, he said that you can rent a bike for a whole day experience, which I haven’t tried yet. Maybe next time, I will try like 3 days stay for me to experience more.

By the time we arrived, it was almost 1:30 pm. We did the registration on their designated booth. As far I can remember PHP 120.00 per person, was for the environmental fee, which includes the free life Jackets you can avail at their boardwalk station. Based on their rules, you can stay overnight for PHP 150.00, this is just a spot where you can layout your tents and campfire. A decent deal right?

In addition to this, all the tourist should keep their trash in the designated trash bin. A penalty amount will be charged for failure to do so. Right after a short talk with the local on how to keep your safety in going to boardwalk station. You should be all set.

My team spent almost 3 hours at their boardwalk station and feels like forever. Fortunately for us, it was high tide which we had a great time. I strongly suggest getting your snorkeling gears for you to see more life underwater. You can then thank me later then.

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Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by and your interest on this article. Yes, you have the option to rent a boat from Sta Rosa Port,this way, it would be easier for your team transfer from one stop to another snorkeling spot. However, for the price range, this will vary depending on the number of people. It would be best if you could negotiate with the locals, for sure you will have better prices with these accommodating people around Olango Island.

Question: do you have to hire a boat at the sanctuary to take you to the snorkeling spots? Alternatively, can you hire one in Santa Rosa to take you there? Approximately how much does that cost?

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