Manggapuri Villas

1f4cd Why Manggapuri Villas?Prk Mangga Brgy Igmayaan, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental Philippines

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Why Manggapuri Villas?

1f343 Why Manggapuri Villas?Branded as the “Little Baguio” of Negros Occidental, the upland locality of Don Salvador Benedicto has mostly been the big-city dwellers’ means of escape from the stressful daily grinds in life.

1f343 Why Manggapuri Villas? In the past, local accommodations are limited to Mountain View cafés and Spring Resorts. But now, Villas have become the new trendy- abode, in experiencing “hayahay life “ in Don Salvador Benedicto.

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1f343 Why Manggapuri Villas? Staying in Manggapuri Villas will give you a sense of contentment and quietude.
Here is some highlighted experience while staying in the Villa :

1f3bc Why Manggapuri Villas? Nature’s Alarm 1f570 Why Manggapuri Villas?
— Gently wake up with the playful melody of birds early in the morning.

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26f0 Why Manggapuri Villas? Scenery 2795 Why Manggapuri Villas? Breakfast 1f96a Why Manggapuri Villas?
— Eating a sumptuous breakfast, while being dazzled by the spectacular view of Mt Kanlaon, basked in the morning sunlight.

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1f525 Why Manggapuri Villas? Sauna Jacuzzi combo1f4a6 Why Manggapuri Villas?
— Sweat in the Villas’ outdoor sauna facing the mountains for 15mins, then let the jacuzzi, massage and cool your heated body off. 1f9d8-200d-2640-fe0f Why Manggapuri Villas?1f9d8-1f3fd-200d-2642-fe0f Why Manggapuri Villas?

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2728 Why Manggapuri Villas? 1f337 Why Manggapuri Villas?LED flowers 2795 Why Manggapuri Villas? Campfire 1f525 Why Manggapuri Villas? 1f362 Why Manggapuri Villas?
— Taking a glimmering night stroll in the villas’ more than a thousand LED tulips is a must not miss attraction.

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— Experience camp life by grilling marshmallows and hotdogs in the Villas’ traditional nightly bonfire.

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1f3bc Why Manggapuri Villas? Nature’s Lullaby 1f3bc Why Manggapuri Villas?
– Doze yourself to sleep with the sweet harmony of evening breeze and cricket sounds.


How to get there:

1f699 Why Manggapuri Villas? Private transportation
– we simply navigate our way going to the villa through Waze app and google maps. Landmarks near the villa are the “Pine Tree Forest”.


2600 Why Manggapuri Villas?Day tour 2600 Why Manggapuri Villas? (Php 550/pax, until 3 pm)

Inclusions: Villa Entrance,
Access to the dining area
5-course meal (Lunch)

1f31c Why Manggapuri Villas?Overnight1f31c Why Manggapuri Villas?

Cabanas and Villa Rooms
— Php 5,200 (2pax,max4)
— Breakfast Included
— Additional Person: Php 200
— Avail Dinner meals: Php 400/pax


For Reservations

DM them on FB – Manggapuri Villas

They also cater to special occasions like birthdays 1f382 Why Manggapuri Villas?, anniversaries 1f48e Why Manggapuri Villas? and weddings 1f470-1f3fb Why Manggapuri Villas?.

For Marketing Partnerships email 1f4e7 Why Manggapuri Villas? me:
Email: [email protected]

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