Why “The Tree Sunset”?

If you are looking for affordable and accommodating staff — The Tree Sunset should be your first choice? Given that the said resort has been featured in sugbo.ph, It is affordable as expected. Captivated with their relaxing location, white sand, I can guarantee, you will enjoy your stay.

IMG_20181110_102712-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Tribe Mask in The Tree Sunset Entrance


IMG_20181110_102724-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Tribe Mask in The Tree Sunset Entrance


IMG_20181111_095000-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Facing beach inside The Tree Sunset


How to get there?

Maravilla, Tabuelan, Cebu — Finding the exact location can be challenging for starters, however, here are the key points below:

From North Bus Terminal just look for Ceres bus going to Tabuelan.

Air-condition bus is 150.00 PHP
A non-air-conditioned bus is 120.00 PHP

Drop off point at Tabuelan Public Market.
From the Public Market, ride a motorbike to Maravilla Brgy Hall.

Motorbike 40.00 PHP per person.

From the Barangay Hall, just walk thru the beachline, until you get the “The Tree Sunset” — easy to remember right?


After a long travel, which took us almost 3 hours due to traffic, my teams are glad to know that our Beach Kubo and Tree House are ready in use. Given they have check-in time: 2:00 PM and check-out time: 12:00 PM.


IMG_20181110_170621-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Here in The Three Sunset, facing Maravilla beach line.


IMG_20181110_170720-1024x768 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Low-tide and sunset in The Tree Sunset



IMG_20181111_064813-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

IMG_20181111_065328-1024x768 Why "The Tree Sunset"?


Maximum: 3 pax
Extra Person: Not allowed


Maximum: 10 pax
Extra Person: Php50/pax



IMG_20181111_064606-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Narra Beach Kubo


IMG_20181111_094941-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Epil Beach Kubo


P1,000 per night
Good for: 4 persons
Maximum: 10 persons
Extra Person: P100 per person per night


P700 per day
Good for: 6 persons
Extra Person: P50 per person



IMG_20181111_065313-1024x768 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

IMG_20181111_095108-1024x768 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

The-Tree-Sunset-Tabuelan-9-684x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?


P1,500 per night
Good for: 6 persons
Maximum: 6 persons


P1,200 per day
Good for: 6 persons
Maximum: 6 persons



28378517_1671186176282176_8385709223420775785_n Why "The Tree Sunset"?


P3,500 per night
Maximum: 6 persons
Extra Person: P100 per person per night


P3,000 per day
Maximum: 10 person
Extra Person: P50 per person


IMG_20181111_064511-1024x768 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

From right, Comfort Rooms and Outside shower to the left.


IMG_20181111_064537_1-768x1024 Why "The Tree Sunset"?

Wooden basin — for cleaning your kitchen utensils


How was the entire experience?

Experience with their staff was smooth and accommodating. The entire place was cozy and experience beautiful sunset as expected. Will I visit again? — Yes, of course. Perfect for a tight budget.


— Yes, however, it is advised to make reservations first even for day use.

Corkage Fee?
— None as of the moment.

Contact number
— 0995 904 4505

— Visit their Facebook Page


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