White Haven Beach Resort had a lot of BAD comments before because of their poor services. I was quite hesitant about going to this place because of all negative reviews online. But I guess everyone, everything, or even this beach deserves a second chance.

Why White Haven Beach Resort?

From its name, White “Haven” Beach Resort- simplifies its beauty. A safe place. A quiet place. And a place of comfort and refuge. When I went there, everything was perfect! A fine white sand beach is very common in Gumasa Sarangani Province, but in my own opinion, White Haven beach resort is the BEST in Gumasa.  The staff was very accommodating. They treated guests with respect. And they provided quality service as well. They served good breakfast. The rooms were clean. They have running water. A clean grilling area. And of course, a well-guarded resort as well. It is the complete opposite of what I’ve read online.

— But do you know what’s the best part of it? The beach itself!

13164310_638210749677522_1713199855302926326_n Why White Haven Beach Resort?

You can witness breath-taking sunset…

13241251_638211593010771_6579833380917497579_n Why White Haven Beach Resort?

Take some “instagramable” shots…

copy-of-img_0116-1024x768 Why White Haven Beach Resort?

A loooooong White Sand Shorelines…

whitehaven3 Why White Haven Beach Resort?

And beautiful rock formations…What more can you ask for?

Here are the tips on how to get there:

  • From KCC Gensan, you can find the Van terminal just beside it. Look for the signage that says “Glan”
  • The fare from KCC Gensan to Glan Terminal is just P100 for each person
  • It will take you just 45 minutes to 1-hour ride
  • They will drop you off at Glan terminal
  • From there, you can find a lot of tricycle drivers that can bring you to your preferred beach resorts.
  • Usually, it will cost P60 per person from Glan terminal to White Haven Beach resort. It will take you around 15 minutes to 30 minutes to get there.
  • Make sure to get the driver’s contact number before you leave so you can also ask him to fetch you the next day.

Screenshot-5 Why White Haven Beach Resort?

Google Map

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