Looking for a quick summer escape, go for Camiguin Island? — Camiguin is an island province in the Philippines, about 10 kilometers off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is geographically part of Region X, the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province.

Camiguin Island is famous for its sweet lanzones — and they have multiple falls, springs and small island locations on the entire island. Inception right??

Excited already? Let us get started. Join me as I revisit a 2 days experience in Camiguin.

How to get there?

From Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Camiguin Airpot, this can take 35 to 45 minutes of flight. Camiguin Airport is just a small airport where they accommodate 2 – 3 flights a day, so make sure to get the first flight instead.

889ce77e-1074-447a-b837-8e9c3dca1a48 Why Camiguin Island?

Lapu-Lapu Cebu Airport to Camiguin Island Airport

I must say, Camiguin Airpot is a modern, cozy and clean airport.

IMG_20190428_115017_1-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Island Airport with its staff holding an umbrella

IMG_20190428_115055-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Philippine Airline passengers at Camiguin Island Airport

IMG_20190428_115313-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Island Airport arrival area

IMG_20190428_115526-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Island Airport arrival area (above)

IMG_20190428_115119-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Island Airport information center.

IMG_20190428_115225-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Island tourist spot photos

La Dolce Vita

After 45 minutes of flight, we were hungry. It was nearly 12 PM before we safely arrive in Camiguin Island. After we took some photos, we head straight to La Dolce Vita.

La Dolce Vita is an Italian restaurant, pizzeria, and cafeteria, where you can taste the good dishes of the traditional Italian cuisine, a pizza cooked in a firewood brick oven. All are made with genuine Italian ingredients. You can find this restaurant in front of Camiguin airport, 2 km away from Mambajao (capital town of Camiguin ).

20190428011601_IMG_0241-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

La Dolce Vita near Camiguin Island Airport

₱104 – ₱570
Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Brunch
Pizza, Italian, European
Takeout, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Highchairs Available, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol, Full Bar, Wine and Beer, Free Wifi, Delivery, Reservations, Table Service Source
CaeP6f-1024x523 Why Camiguin Island?

La Dolce Vita Entrance

IMG_20190428_120440_1-1024x673 Why Camiguin Island?

La Dolce Vita Menu

IMG_20190428_120935-791x1024 Why Camiguin Island?

La Dolce Vita Menu

We took photos while waiting in La Dolce Vita.

IMG_20190501_090839-768x1024 Why Camiguin Island?

Maricel Ramos holding Canon M6 while taking a photo of Mango Float

20190501090736_IMG_1881-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Mango Float serve at La Dolce Vita Camiguin Island

20190501091046_IMG_1886-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Home Made Pasta at La Dolce Vita Camiguin Island

Where to stay? SJ Villa de Pabua.

You have a number of a good location to stay based budget. In my case, I always choose Airbnb for convenience and for the entire 3 days Camiguin Island experience, we book at SJ Villa de Pabua.

20190428020347_IMG_0263-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

SJ Villa de Pabua is located at Banlas, Agoho, Mambajao, Camiguin. The place has a safe and quiet surrounding. It is a bungalow type that can accommodate a maximum of 12 persons in each room. The place is ideal for rest and relaxation. The villa has 2 spacious bedrooms with each attached bathroom, kitchen, and a terrace. Outside is a beautiful and spacious lawn that is good for Team Building, Company Outing, and Family Bonding. Perfect for family and friends.

20190428020123_IMG_0258-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428015908_IMG_0251-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

If you are interested you may use my referral link to register and book your first location, this should give you ₱1,600 off on your home booking.

In addition to SJ Villa de Pabua, their place was 15 mins away from CheckPoint were you can enjoy great food and Rochelle’s place offers us an island tour, ardent tricycle, and boat going white island. Save us a lot of hassle.

20190428175918_IMG_0293-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428020315_IMG_0261-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

SJ Villa de Pabua spacious lawn

Mantigue Island in Mahinog

Mantigue is a small island located about 3.5 kilometers off the coast of the volcanic island province of Camiguin province in the Philippines. Also known as Magsaysay Island, it is about 4 hectares of greenery fringed with a gleaming white beach of powdery coral sand. Source

20190428204800_IMG_0327-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

As we prepare ourselves to Mantigue island

Mantigue Island, also known as Magsaysay Island, is just a small one with a land area of just about four hectares. It is dotted with mangroves and vegetation on the center and surrounded with powdery white sand. A declared marine sanctuary, the water around the island is teeming with vivid marine life making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

How to get there?

We took a tricycle from SJ Villa de Pabua to Barangay San Roque (near Benoni Port) in the town of Mahinog for PHP 200. The boat ride takes 20 minutes and you are only allowed to stay 4 hours on the island and if you want to stay longer you have to pay 100 PHP extra per hour.

It’s not allowed to stay overnight in Mantigue Island, at 4 pm you have to leave Mantigue Island.

Boat costs: PHP  600 (for maximum 6 people)
Environment fee: PHP 10
Snorkeling gear: PHP 200

20190428205227_IMG_0334-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428214301_IMG_0345-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428214427_IMG_0347-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428214842_IMG_0354-1-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

From left Vince Sealza, Jaz Nabu, Maricel Ramos, and Kurt Obando before Mantigue Island

20190428222159_IMG_0488-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Maricel Ramos in Mantigue Island

20190428222223_IMG_0492-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Jaz Nabu in Mantigue Island

20190428221907_IMG_0463-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Mantigue Island Natural Park is a clean area surrounded by white powdery sand.

20190428221039_IMG_0416-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

The water is crystal clear which makes it easy for you to identify the hard, soft corals and seaweeds covering the island. You can enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling. A beautiful sight which adds to the attraction is a lush and green mini-forest with natural grasses, plants, and small trees in the middle of the small island.

20190428234341_IMG_0590-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Mantigue Island Eagles Club sign

20190428234737_IMG_0620-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Tourist Information Center in Mantigue Island

20190428231400_IMG_0560-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

From left, Vince Sealza, Jaz Nabu, Maricel Ramos and Kurt Obando in Mantigue Island

You can bring your own food to the island. You can even buy fish in the market and they will cook for you for 100 PHP. There are available cottages for rent and you can buy snacks, sodas, and beers.

20190428224943_IMG_0534-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428234201_IMG_0581-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Tourist taking a photo on I love Mantigue letters

20190428234042_IMG_0567-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190428233939_IMG_0562-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429005259_IMG_0644-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429012704_IMG_0786-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

The entire experience we had with Mantigue Island is worth it. Locals are friendly, and they help us took photos during our tour. I must say, snorkeling was the best experience if you wish to see more Mantigue Island beauty.

20190429013022_IMG_0797-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Resort

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort is located in Esperanza Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin also known as Ardent Hot Springs, it has several pools that you may choose from cold to warm temperature. A perfect place to rejuvenate your worn out body. The temperature of the pool can be attributed to the effects of Mt. Hibok-Hibok, an active volcano of Camiguin Islands. It is also called Catarman Volcano.

20190429035435_IMG_0809-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429035359_IMG_0806-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua help us get a tricycle that we can rent for the entire stay of PHP 400. The entire rid took 15 to 20 minutes from Banlas, Agoho, Mambajao, Camiguin.

Entrance Fee: PHP 30.00
Shed Rental: PHP 70.00 – PHP 150.00

Amenities and facilities

  • Natural Hot Swimming Pools
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Kiosk (Canteen)
  • Lodging Accommodations:
    • Air-conditioned Duplex Cottages
    • Air-conditioned Family Rooms
    • Dormitory Type Rooms
  • Conference Hall
  • Picnic Sheds and Tables
  • Camping Ground
  • Papillion Garden
20190429040424_IMG_0837-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Kiddie pool on warm temperature

20190429040319_IMG_0834-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

A larger pool with lifeguards watching tourist

20190429035735_IMG_0814-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Tourist enjoying the lukewarm water in Ardent Hot Springs

20190429035952_IMG_0815-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Another view of the large pool in Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort

20190429035714_IMG_0813-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort place nets to avoid fallen leaves on their pool.

20190429040337_IMG_0836-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429040530_IMG_0844-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Ardent Hibok-Hibok Spring Resort with their cottages ready for rent

20190429040538_IMG_0845-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

White Island

White Island is an uninhabited white sandbar located about 1.4 kilometers off the northern shore of Mambajao in the volcanic island of Camiguin in the Philippines. The island is generally horseshoe-shaped, although the tides constantly resize and reshape its exact form. Source

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 450 boat rent for the entire stay in White Island, which is less hassle from our part considering we do not have to get in line just to pay for the entrance fee. Thank you SJ Villa de Pabua, recommended.

20190429175644_IMG_0889-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Ryan from SJ Villa de Pabua our guide in White Island

20190429180026_IMG_0903-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Clearwater in White Island

20190429180130_IMG_0908-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Boatman helped Maricel Ramos climbed down on our rented boat

20190429180246_IMG_0913-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

From left, Jaz Nabu, Maricel Ramos, Kurt Obando, and Vince Sealza

20190429180310_IMG_0917-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Tourist with their rented umbrella in White Island

20190429180429_IMG_0929-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Vince Sealza in White Island

20190429180720_IMG_0950-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

From left, Jaz Nabu and Maricel Ramos

20190429181112_IMG_0957-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Find sand and crystal clear water in White Island

20190429181118_IMG_0958-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Find sand and crystal clear water in White Island

20190429181249_IMG_0961-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Full stretch view in White Island

20190429181427_IMG_0965-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Fine grain sand in White Island

20190429181546_IMG_0967-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Facing Mt. Hibok Hibok in White Island

20190429182206_IMG_0979-1-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Jaz Nabu in White Island

20190429185814_IMG_1286-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Maricel Ramos in White Island

20190429191826_IMG_1319-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

From left, Kurt Obando, Jaz Nabu and Vince Sealza in White Island

20190429192038_IMG_1326-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

IMG_20190430_063635-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

IMG_20190430_064503-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429194031_IMG_1343-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

I highly suggest, better be early, you will enjoy the sunrise experience. In our case, we went, at 6 am. and we stayed for a 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls is one of the treasured gifts nature has blessed the island of Camiguin with 70-meter waterfall plunging into a swimming pool in a lush forest setting. Katibawasan Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Timpoong and ideal for summer splash to tourists as it provides ice cold water.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. Katibawasan Falls was one of the locations they offered.

20190429211833_IMG_1381-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Jaz Nabu facing at Katibawasan Falls

20190429212334_IMG_1391-683x1024 Why Camiguin Island?

A 70-meter waterfal at Katibawasan Falls

20190429212551_IMG_1415-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429211252_IMG_1359-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

A wide shot at Katibawasan Falls

20190429211120_IMG_1352-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Katibawasan Falls Entrance Fees

20190429211740_IMG_1380-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Mural paint for Katibawasan Falls

20190429213708_IMG_1440-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Rock table at Katibawasan Falls

IMG_20190430_101320-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429222031_IMG_1445-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Souvenir Shop outside Katibawasan Falls

20190429222055_IMG_1449-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429221730_IMG_1443-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Camiguin Northern Lights (Agoho Mambajao Camiguin )

Good food, the good menu at Camiguin Northern Lights.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. Camiguin Northern Lights was one of the locations they offered.

PHP 154.00 – PHP 309.00
Filipino, Pizza, International
Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Late Night

20190429230806_IMG_1453-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429230933_IMG_1457-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190429230954_IMG_1461-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Old Church Ruins

The Old Church Ruins, also known as Gui-ob Church, features the remains of an old Spanish church. It was constructed in the 16th century but it met its destruction a century later. On May 13, 1871, the capital’s peace was rattled by an intense trembling of the ground brought about by the rumbling of a nearby volcano, Mt. Vulcan.

The earthquake shook the town mercilessly until houses and other structures were down to rubble. But that wasn’t the end of it. That evening, Mt. Vulcan unleashed its most devastating power when it erupted and destroyed what was left of the town.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. Old Church Ruins was one of the locations they offered.

IMG_20190430_123941-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430005650_IMG_1591-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430005128_IMG_1570-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430004754_IMG_1552-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

IMG_20190430_124808-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430004950_IMG_1559-1-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430005730_IMG_1592-1-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430005340_IMG_1579-e1561881631299-683x1024 Why Camiguin Island?

IMG_20190430_125249-1024x768 Why Camiguin Island?

St. Nino Cold Spring

Santo Niño Cold Spring is a natural cold spring that flows down from Mt. Mambajao and is filtered by layers of minerals from the mountain, therefore it is naturally clean. Sto. Niño Cold Spring main pool measured at 25 meters by 40 meters and a dip of 4 ft to 8 ft.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. St. Nino Cold Spring was one of the locations they offered.

Entrance Fee:

  • Senior Citizen 20% discount PHP 40.00
  • Regular Rate PHP 50.00
  • Children 4ft below PHP 25.00


  • Picnic Shed PHP 75.00
  • Table with 4 charges PHP 50.00


  • 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Tuesdays, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM (Mondays and Thursdays)

20190430022707_IMG_1706-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430021300_IMG_1673-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430015252_IMG_1627-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430021111_IMG_1662-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430015502_IMG_1637-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430015606_IMG_1640-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430015414_IMG_1634-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Tuasan Falls

Tuasan Falls is a well-kept treasure that would surely delight its tourist. It has clear water covers a wide area that’s ideal for swimming. There is a large section of the area has shallow water that’s ideal for kids. Those who are looking for a challenge can swim near the center of the falls where the water gets deeper.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. Tuasan Falls was one of the locations they offered.

Entrance Fees

  • Regular Rate PHP 50.00
  • Height below 4ft PHP 25.00
  • Senior Citizen PHP40.00

20190430030203_IMG_1755-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430032203_IMG_1827-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430025258_IMG_1736-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430032635_IMG_1838-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430032038_IMG_1813-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430031759_IMG_1794-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430030534_IMG_1772-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430030519_IMG_1769-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430025826_IMG_1754-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430025659_IMG_1751-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

Soda Spring

Soda Water Swimming Pool is the only soda water pool in the country which is filled with soda water. The volcanic springs of Bura fill two pools with fresh, clear soda water. Two large pools are available for both adults and kids. The water in the pool is cold, clear and clean and is maintained on a regular basis.

According to the locals, the water used to “taste like” pure soda water. Soda Spring Swimming Pool provides a good place for swimming and you’re NOT supposed to drink the water. Bubbles making their way up from the bottom of the pool are still very visible.

How to get there?

SJ Villa de Pabua offer PHP 1,500 whole day package tour, which is good for 4 pax. Soda Spring was one of the locations they offered.

Entrance Fees

  • Regular Rate PHP 50.00
  • Height below 4ft PHP 25.00
  • Senior Citizen PHP 40.00

Picnic Shed PHP 75.00

20190430034135_IMG_1847-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430034151_IMG_1850-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430034218_IMG_1854-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430034224_IMG_1855-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430034350_IMG_1861-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430034355_IMG_1862-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?


The Checkpoint is open-air 2nd-floor space at Yumbing. Checkpoint is great if you’re a big group looking for typical Filipino food. The no-fuss selection and familiarity of the items make ordering easy especially after a long day of exploring the island.

Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch, Brunch
American, Filipino, Seafood, Asian
Takeout, Seating, Parking Available, Serves Alcohol, Table Service Source

20190430065800_IMG_1872-1-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

20190430065849_IMG_1878-1024x683 Why Camiguin Island?

How was the entire experience?

Camiguin Island still promises a city escape experience. Totally worth it.

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